Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Letting Suzi be my helper is a big help

When I was still pregnant with Ivey, a friend advised me that I should find little ways to let Suzi help me with the new baby. She said keeping her involved would help her feel important. We went to yard sales later and bought a little stepstool so Suzi could reach whatever I was doing on the counter. I had cooking or baking in mind. Then the other day Ivey was past due for a bath. Our living room is completely out of sight from the kitchen, so I thought of turning on a movie for Suzi. Then I remembered the little stool and pulled it up to the sink so Suzi could help me.

Look how happy it makes them both.

This is now a part of Ivey's bath routine. The first time, Suzi had a little meltdown when I told her bathtime was over (Ivey can't just lounge in the sink indefinitely because she gets cold) but now I think she understands. Keeping her involved seems to be beneficial; I haven't noticed the first sign of jealousy. It also makes me happy that Suzi is learning about taking care of babies while bonding with her sister. Those are two things I never got to do.


Anonymous said...

Would you look how big Ivey is getting! Other people's kids just always seem to grow so quickly.

I think that involving the older sibling in the younger's routine is a great idea. Anything to keep everyone engaged and happy is a good thing.

Melodie said...

What beautiful photos. Look at the love hey? Lucky lucky you!