Friday, July 3, 2009

What we've been doing (nesting, mostly)

I've only got about a month left until my due date. Wow! We're having a baby next month! Maybe this is why I've been so fired up about cleaning and organizing lately. I've been keeping a to-do list up on the computer screen every day I'm off work, and most days I get everything or almost everything done. Yesterday I did things like organize the (once cluttered) dining room, clean out the fridge, go grocery shopping, and did regular stuff like dishes and laundry and vacuuming, plus a few other things. Jordan helps with all this. I am sure he is overjoyed each morning when he comes downstairs and sees my list staring him in the face! (Do daddies nest too? I know they sometimes have morning sickness and gain weight, but neither of those have happened to him this time.) He has been a pretty good sport, and even got up at 6:30 this morning to take some things up to the attic for me. He has the day off Monday and will be doing yard work.

Suzi is contributing in a big way, too. She frequently says "I can help you!" and will pick up her toys and complete simple tasks most of the time. But that's not all she's done. Our little girl is using the potty! I don't know what to say about this, really. I mean, she's 25 months old and in the past month she's gone from not wanting to potty consistently at all (when I say "not want" I mean kicking, screaming, crying, saying "I want diaper!") to using the potty with 97% success. Yesterday I took her to the babywearing meeting at the library and she even went to the potty there. We have a special little seat for her, recommended by Hobo Mama. It works great! I know I'm probably not qualified to give advice, seeing as how we arrived here through sheer dumb luck after we happened to be blessed with a potty prodigy, and most of you who are still potty training probably want to slap me right now. But just in case we did a thing or two right, I'll share what helped Suzi in a future post. We are so happy about not having to deal with diapers anymore that we are hoping to implement elimination communication early on with Ivey.

And the picture... This is Suzi playing with her little cousin Anna, who is about five months old. Isn't she beautiful? Aunt Jeanie brought Anna over to visit at my mom's house the other day. Suzi just loves Anna and I'm hoping she has as much fun playing with Ivey later. We are all so happy because on my dad's side, there has been a sudden baby boom--and all girls! This Christmas at the farm there will be four sweet little ones: Suzi, Olivia, Anna, and Ivey!


MaryAnne said...

We're having a girl in about a month, too, but I never seem to make it to the nesting phase - I go straight to exhaustion instead (sigh). Maybe something will change in the next few weeks?

Congrats on the potty training! I had a similar experience with my daughter (no interest to overnight success), but she was nearly 36 months old, not 25!

KLM said...

I'm waiting for the extreme nesting phase to hit. but i think it if it hasn't come by now, it never will. I'm due in about a week and a half. I have little tiny spurts, enough to straighten up one room, then I'm exhausted. Eh, oh well.

Anonymous said...

This was me last July. I had my second child in August 2008 and I spent the whole month leading up to that cleaning, organizing, and freezing blueberries. Because they were easy and available and I had to freeze SOMETHING.

We have a little portable trainer seat, too, and it totally helped with toilet training. I recommend them to everyone, all the time. Ours folds up flat and goes with us everywhere.