Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today I want to post a prayer request for Vicky. She's our friend who is waiting on a kidney transplant and blogs at 2LilPumpkins and Sjogrens and Me. Right now she's in the hospital recovering from surgery to remove an extremely painful blood clot from her leg. She's been there 11 days--way longer than she or anyone expected.

Vicky came to work at Jennie G's almost three years ago, right after I did. We've spent hours in the shop together talking about husbands, kids, breastfeeding... life. And in that time she's become one of my best friends. I love her fireball personality and her unwavering good attitude. I've gone to her for advice, like, once a week or more.

She went on a long weekend trip with her family and I was expecting to see her Monday morning. Instead I unlocked a dark, empty shop and got a call a few minutes later about her blood clot. With every update she kept saying she'd be in later that week, but one thing led to another, she was admitted to the hospital, and now it's clear that she'll be out for a while. My last day at Jennie G's is July 31. My mom and I visited Vicky yesterday and she said, "Do you realize we're never going to work together again?" It makes me want to cry.

Anyway, please pray for Vicky's pain to be healed, for her strength and energy to come back, and for her to be home as soon as possible. Also pray for her husband and two sweet boys who miss her.


MaryAnne said...

She will be in our prayers...

Vicky said...

Thanks Jenny. I finally made it home after 22 days in the hospital. Today is your last day at work and I wish I was there.