Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Closer and closer

The Braxton-Hicks contractions have been getting stronger and stronger, and the baby seems to be getting lower and lower! If I remember correctly, this is about how I felt near the end of my pregnancy with Suzi... but I don't want to get too excited. I certainly am not expecting Ivey to take after her sister and be nine days late, though!

Here's what we've accomplished in the last couple of days:

1) Scrubbed the whirlpool tub--it is sparkling
2) Painted belly bowls; pictures to follow
3) Made Suzi a stretchy little wrap carrier for her doll
4) Swaddled her doll up (see details below)

I read that it was a good idea to help the older sibling feel included by getting a special baby doll, swaddling it up, and having the nurses at the hospital give the doll to the child on the first visit with the new baby. Well, we aren't going to the hospital, but we decided this was a good idea anyway. We ordered Suzi a Corolle Tidoo Suce Pouce (impressed by her lack of bottles and pacis, and by the fact that Suzi can even give her a bath without ruining her). We wanted to be sure the doll was small enough for Suzi to wear in a wrap, and she definitely is. I swaddled her in a flannel receiving blanket and we will give her to Suzi at some point after the birth.

Here are the things we still have to do:

1) Finish stocking up on birth-day snacks
2) Get all our cameras ready with batteries and things
3) Clean the bathroom one more time
4) Clean the bedroom one more time
5) Get our birth kit from the midwives (they are coming Thursday)

I'd also like to straighten up the whole house once more before the birth, but if it doesn't happen it's no huge deal, and it wouldn't take that long anyway. We are pretty much ready!

My mom took me to get a pedicure, and I picked "Purple with a Purpose." Then we bought the bottle and she painted Suzi's to match! Suzi is so proud of her purple toenails. Thanks Mama!

Grumpy girl fell asleep, woke up in a much better mood.


Theresa said...

Ivey looks like she is to just fall out - as if!! ha-ha! I'm excited about the home birth, but wondering if your mom is freaking out. I would be!! You look great, just a big bump and nothing else - and I love the nail polish!!

Anonymous said...

You look great!

And you sound like you're totally nesting. I remember daydreaming about cleaning at the end of my last pregnancy. I bet it won't be long now. :)

Melissa said...

Love the belly shot, almost time. Purple little toes were too cute!

Hobo Mama said...

Two great ideas for the older sib: a babywearing doll and a matching purple pedi. I love it! Suzi's going to be so excited to meet her new sister.

You look great, and I love your banner and profile pictures. Wow!