Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big belly, long list

By my calculations, I am 36 weeks, 3 days. By my midwife's, I am just 36 weeks. The official date is August 6 instead of August 3, which is good because if Ivey is a little late, she won't seem that late to me. Either way you look at it, I've got less than a month left to get a bunch of stuff done! In a way I'm glad, because I'll spend that time doing meaningful (sometimes fun) activities rather than groaning about how I'm so tired of being pregnant and ready for the baby to come. That's what I did with Suzi and it was stupid. You don't get to be pregnant for long--enjoy it!

A belly self-portrait. I wanted to get a picture of my sashay that I'd been saving to wear for months and nearly forgot about. Those little feet definitely represent how my belly feels most of the time as Ivey gets her exercise.

It would've looked bigger if I'd turned completely sideways, but again I wanted to show off my accessory. It really is good for adding length to my maternity shirts, because now even they are too short. Also, awesome new amber necklace that my parents got me for my birthday! I'm turning 25 Saturday!

Here's just part of the list. I am probably going to have to prioritize some of these things...

1) Finish buying supplies (just 4 or 5 things left)
2) Sand and paint belly bowl
3) Pack (just-in-case) hospital bag
4) Make some casseroles and freeze for later
5) Get snacks to have at the birth (my mom volunteered to help)
6) Make wrap carrier for Suzi's doll (more on this later)
7) Wash Ivey's diapers
8) Take a few more pictures of my belly
9) Get video camera ready to go
10) Make sure every camera has batteries in it
11) Put together basket of labor tools
12) Install Ivey's car seat (well, this one's for Jordan)
13) Deep-clean our whirlpool tub (possibly Jordan too? Please?)
14) Clean bedroom and bathroom for birth

And there's more, such as cleaning and organizing tasks not related to the birth but which I'd still like to get done. I've also been meaning to paint my toenails. We've already done a bunch of things, though. I'll try to post a list of those later. Today we have an appointment with our midwives, and next week we have an appointment with the OB (required for a homebirth in SC). We're almost there! I'm so excited!


Julie said...

Forget the toenails!I will treat us both to a pedicure one day next week. It will be fun to have a little mother-daughter time with you and I'm sure your dad will be happy to keep Suzi for an hour or so. I'll see what else I can do to help with the casseroles, etc. I've put Ragedy Ann's body together and I have her in a bag to take with me this weekend. I know I'll have plenty of time to attach her hair while at the games.
Love you!

Theresa said...

I was thinking that you would need Jordan for the toenail thing!! I can barely do my own, and I'm just fat, not pregnant!!
and you look so low now. Ivey must be getting ready :)

Anonymous said...

You totally sound like a woman in late pregnancy to me. Organizing, planning, that checklist is a thing to behold!

And I think it's great that you're enjoying the pregnancy. You're right, it really does last such a short time. :)

Kristin said...

Won't be long! Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy. You are right to fill the time productively instead of wiling away the hours. :-)