Sunday, December 16, 2007

Don't puke on my leg and tell me it's raining

Wow, we had a busy weekend. We had my friend's rehearsal dinner Friday night, which Suzi slept all the way through, thank goodness. I don't think she even knows we went anywhere. Then Saturday morning we had rehearsal for the Christmas Cantata at church because Jordan, Suzi and I were the holy family. There wasn't much for us to do and Suzi was getting irritated, so I gave her a few Gerber Graduates banana puffs. This was great until one slipped back into her throat and made her gag and she threw them all up on my leg. It was so nasty.

We figured they had costumes for us in the closet at church, but when we went to look for them all they had was two ill-fitting, smelly old choir robes from the 70's and a couple pieces of fabric to tie onto our heads. This didn't suit our fancy because I've never been Mary, ever, and I wanted it to seem as real as possible. So Jordan and Suzi and I got some fabric and made new costumes with a lot of help from my mom. (We had no idea what we were doing.) I learned a lot about following a pattern, something I was scared to death of before. This was before we had to leave to buy me something to wear to my friend's wedding reception which was that same evening. Then we came back and finished the costumes after the reception. Here's how they turned out:

I'm grinning like an idiot because my mom jumped up from the pew in the middle of "Silent Night," ran to the front of the church and took our picture, with the flash I might add, and it surprised me. We're going to dress back up and pose for a better picture later. It may even be our Christmas card next year. Baby Jesus was a bit high-spirited after having to wait quietly in the vestibule for 20 minutes, but she did her best and I was proud of her. You see the little lamb to my left in the background? That's Suzi's boyfriend, Aiden. He was so cute and I noticed his mommy had shiny eyes while she was watching this.

I enjoyed being Mary although it wasn't perfect. It made me think about what the real Mary must have gone through, and now I'm thinking I want to go rent the Nativity movie that came out last Christmas and watch it. I wanted to see it last year but didn't get a chance.

The good news is we made the costumes one-size-fits-most, so all future Marys and Josephs will have nice costumes to wear at PPC. No more smelly choir robes.

Gosh I'm so excited about Christmas.