Monday, December 17, 2007

Daddy teaches Suzi to play ball

Suzi received this Taggie Ball as a gift when she was too little to appreciate it, but I knew she'd play with it one day! Thanks Aunt Laura and Uncle Calvin! She loves it! This video is a bit jumpy but it was taken with our digital camera, not the camcorder.

Jordan was happy she wanted to play this game with him because she's taken to saying "mamamamama" when she's upset and rarely says dada. (I wonder if she thinks mama means milk.) She's got a cold right now, probably thanks to the sudden drop in temperature over the weekend. Her nose is snotty and that makes it super hard to feed her because she can't breathe and suck at the same time! Poor little thing. I hope she's better in time for Christmas.


Beth said...

Hi Jenny! No, no judgement here about reading other peoples blogs! I randomly roam from blog to blog off of people I knows websites to people I have no idea who they are :-) It's always nice to find another newer mommy to talk to! I saw your AOL name on your profile page so I may IM you some day when you're on :-)

Vicky said...

OH my goodness! Suzi and Jordan are too cute in this video. She is so excited. :)