Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Suzi's Christmas Pictures

We went to visit Jordan's parents over the weekend and got Suzi's picture made at the best photography place, The Picture People. I love them because they take your pictures, let you look at them about an hour later, then have the ones you picked out all printed and ready to go in 30 minutes or so. The photographers are good with babies too. Suzi was in a bad mood but you can't really tell, can you? I don't blame her because we had her all dressed up in tights, new Robeez shoes, bloomers, and a dress. Not to mention a bow in her hair. Then we changed her outfit and took some more pictures--I'd have been irritable too! I don't want to brag but she looked so darn adorable that strangers were stopping to look at her through the window.

On a different subject, tonight I learned to make Christmas wreaths. I made one for a friend, one for my mom and one for us. Ours is on the front door and it looks ten times better than the small jingle bell wreath we had out before. I'm trying to learn to make more things and so far I can make wreaths and quilts. My quilt isn't quite finished though, because I still have to do the binding. It's for Suzi's Christmas so I really need to hurry. (Pictures of quilt to follow.) The next thing I'd like to learn to make is a cute sexy apron. You know, a June Cleaver apron but with a bit more oomph. Probably red, but maybe pink, in a stripe or polka dot print with a ruffle. If I had one of these aprons I could go in the kitchen and make chocolate chip cookies or chocolate pie (the two things I'm good at). I could even try something new and even if I screwed it up at least I'd look cute doing it.


Lily Pad Mom said...

Beautiful picture, and even cuter little girl! I love PP, I am sad they closed the 2 near me.

Jenny said...

Thanks! The Picture People nearest us is actually 45 minutes away because there's not a big mall here. It's worth the trip though. We went somewhere else before this and the pictures were still great, but they weren't nearly as professional and took about 2 weeks to get our pictures, plus we had to go back and pick them up!