Friday, May 14, 2010

I cut my own hair (with pictures)

I have needed a haircut for months. I hate going, though. It costs around $20 (after tip) for me to get a simple dead-end trim, and I refuse to accept that this is the way it has to be. I mean maybe if I was getting a whole new style I could see paying that much, but I just need two inches trimmed off, people! I'm not into expensive hairdos. I've never even had my hair dyed.

It's not just the money. I had a stylist I really liked and never thought I'd go anywhere else. She did a better job with my hair than most anyone I'd ever been to. Then one day she got sloppy. Her cuts weren't as good. I kept going until she started chit-chatting with the other ladies in the shop about how one of her relatives was such a lousy mom--for doing most of the things I think are good parenting practices. I never went back there again. I don't enjoy cattiness in a salon environment.

Nor do I enjoy having to explain that no, I do not want my hair shampooed, because I in fact never use shampoo. So just wet it please. I'd rather skip that whole conversation. Jordan teases that I "don't like talking to people," but that's not true! I do like talking to some people.

There is one lady right here in my town who has always done a great job on my hair and has very reasonable prices, but she is always booked solid for a few days whenever I call. For me, haircuts are emotionally cleansing and when I need one I need it NOW NOW NOW!

Anyway, my hair had been long and tangly and past ready for a spring trim. My split ends had split ends. So when we got home today, I ran upstairs with the scissors from my sewing kit and cut my hair. What did I have to lose? I was going to get a haircut one way or another. If my hair looked like crap I'd just go to a professional in a day or two, admit I so foolishly thought I could cut it myself, and pay the $20.

It turned out okay, though.


See how uneven it is anyway after it grows out for a while? How much worse could I possibly make it?

I wet my hair under the faucet on the tub and brushed it, then clipped up almost all of it on top of my head. I trimmed a couple of inches off the lowest section.

Then I held up each higher section to the lower one and trimmed it to match. Also, I angled the front pieces toward my face. This was the hardest part and I'm pretty certain I didn't do that great of a job. I'm also pretty certain it's not that noticeable.

Here's how it looked after a quick blow-dry. Looks a little uneven in the picture but it's really not. I checked that.

I like to play with my hair after a cut. So, hair accessory: yes or no? A little too Alice-in-Wonderland? (Alice is actually my middle name.) Jordan likes this hairdo.

Savings analysis: If you consider how much I'd be saving per year by cutting my own hair, it's not much. I only get my hair cut three times a year or so, which would come to around $60 a year. Less if I go to Great Clips. However, if you go by Amy Dacyczyn's method (from the Tightwad Gazette) of calculating savings per hour, it's pretty worthwhile. It took me a little less than an hour. Let's just say I spent one hour cutting my hair to save the $20 I would've paid to have it cut--and either way I would've spent that hour getting a haircut. $20 an hour and no time lost? I think I'll keep doing it. So long, Great Clips.


Rebecca said...

Wow! Your hair looks great! And I like the headband!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I hear ya! You might remember I did the same thing a few months back.

And is it terrible that I told my stylist that she had to read a chapter in the curly girl (no shampoo) book before she cut my hair?

Looks great, Jenny!!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks good. And I like the headband. I say yes to accessories! :)

Kristin said...

You've inspired me! I need a haircut now, too, and already set aside the $20 to do it, but I haven't been able to bring myself to go get it done! Your hair is almost the same length as mine so I might just give it a try!