Monday, May 10, 2010


Last night I had a few minutes while the girls were both asleep and Jordan was watching a movie, and I decided to see how tiny a clay mama I could make.

So far, this tiny.

She fits on my pinky nail.

I like her.

Then I tried to brainstorm a way to wear this little mama. What could I string her on? Hemp is a little too much. A silver chain is too fancy. Embroidery floss, while not my first choice, was a good start. I began making a regular bracelet, but a quarter of the way through I realized it was going to be little because I didn't cut the pieces long enough. Besides, it was looking an awful lot like a friendship bracelet and I'm not sure if people over 13 should wear friendship bracelets. So I told Suzi I was making her a bracelet and she was excited.

She told me she loved the bracelet--and me.



Anonymous said...

Jenny! You forever amaze me! The wee woman and babe is wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Anonymous said...

That tiny mama is so lovely. And the bracelet for Suzi is amazingly sweet. I'm so impressed!

Julie said...

I LOVE the tiny mama bracelet! I like the way you wove the beads into the embroidery floss...very unlikely to come apart. Good thinking! Suzi's so lucky to have you! You're going to be such a wonderful influelnce on her creative abilities - and Ivey's too, of course.