Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Ivey D, has it been 9 months already?

I have been so slack in posting about her milestones!

In the past month or two, we have had:

1) Teeth! There are two of them!
2) Real crawling
3) The ability to go from one thing to another unassisted; basically, to play all by herself for a few minutes at a time (welcome back, my sanity!)
4) Pulling up on furniture and starting to cruise
5) Saying "hey," "mama," "dada," and shaking her head no
6) Waving--this started at the beach with my cousin Tricia
7) Pee-pee in the Baby Bjorn potty! EC is going somewhere!
8) My mom swears Ivey kissed her but she hasn't done it again since

Also, Ivey has started eating. She isn't too enthusiastic about it, but she will definitely decide for herself to take a bite or two of banana, chew and swallow. It's real eating--not the shovel it in, shovel it back in routine we foolishly did with Suzi. So far she's sampled a few different things but banana is the only thing she's eaten a significant amount of. My mom gave her plain baked potato at dinner the other night and she liked that. We don't trouble ourselves with making her three meals a day or anything yet, but we do give her opportunities to eat, especially when we're eating something she'd enjoy.

Days around here have gotten a little more tolerable with Ivey's ability to entertain herself. She can crawl around on the rug, sit up and play with a toy, pull up on the coffee table to see what she can find on it, and help herself to the toy box to see what strikes her fancy. She's getting too busy to yell at me anymore, unless she wants to be held or I try to stop her from doing something or change her diaper or have the gall to think I can put her down after I've nursed her to sleep. We still do have bad days, but I think things are starting to get better!

The other day I went to visit Carey and Caryn (my midwife and childbirth educator) and we discussed how it would help a lot to babyproof the whole area for Ivey. I did that for Suzi and now it's time to do it again.

And here are a few more pictures...


Rebecca said...

Jenny, you really are a terrific photographer! I love the picture of Ivey in front of the gate!