Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just Say No (to 'Poo)

Today, because my vinegar and baking soda was under the sink and I was too lazy to get it out, I got the bright idea of using shampoo just once to save time.


I knew I shouldn't, but the minty-fresh smell of my Whole Foods shampoo taunted me until I gave in. I'd been wanting to use it for days. It felt nice as I lathered up and scrubbed, but then it came time to rinse, and that's when I began to regret.

My hair felt slightly gummy and unclean. Then when I went to brush it, there were tangles. Now I've brushed it five or six times and it still looks the same: frizzly, frumpy and big. And this is natural shampoo! Can you imagine what regular drug store shampoo would do to me? I think I'd forgotten what my hair used to be like on shampoo.

Yuck. Never again.


Emily Snapp said...

Ugh...I know!! I have been 'poo free for MONTHS and I messed it all up recently. Sad to say, I'm still on the 'poo, dreading the "withdrawl" period my hair will have to go through when I finally decide to make the switch again!

Jenn said...

So you use vinegar and baking soda every time to wash your hair? This is so interesting...

Thank you again for stopping by my blog. I posted a comment back to you.

I noticed that you have more than one blog. Please let me know when you write, and which blog. Looking forward to you sharing your thoughts on the matter.

blessings, jenn