Sunday, October 26, 2008

Walhalla Oktoberfest

This is long overdue; we did this last weekend, but I didn't want to overlook it! We decided to take Suzi to Oktoberfest in Walhalla, about 45 minutes away. Actually, we intended to go Friday because Jordan and I both had the day off, but it didn't start until 6 pm and we didn't realize that until we were already in Walhalla. We shopped a little instead (Walhalla has some great local businesses) and decided to go home and come back Sunday. I will post later about the lovely soap shop that's on my new list of favorites.

Jordan carried Suzi in the ring sling because my shoulder got tired. He didn't want to, but I told him it matched his Clemson pullover--a very valid point, I think. That made him feel better.

To tell the truth, I really wanted to see the Little German Band and Dancers. They were cool. They sang too and called for a lot of audience participation, but I'm sure they got a better response on Saturday when there was beer in the tent. We missed out on the beer :-( I didn't get to take many pictures because our camera died unexpectedly, but there are a bunch of good ones of the band and dancers here.

What a cool Daddy!

Suzi went home with a little cowbell. We wanted a CD but only had a few dollars in cash, and cash was all they were taking.

I know I'll end up going back to Walhalla soon. Thistle Ridge Soap alone is worth the trip!