Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To-do list for September

You know that feeling you get after a day completely filled with projects and work? Exhausted and maybe filthy, but happy, because you took on a healthy list of chores and finished them. Almost like you are on such a roll you could keep right on going. That's the feeling I want to have this month, and here's what I'm going to do to get it:

1) Get cracking on Amy's challenge of ditching my paper towels--and I encourage you to visit her site and commit to ditching one of your "sposie" items too. Come on! I think everyone has one little thing they could give up. It won't kill you.
2) Make cloth hankies in order to give up tissues
3) Sew my own wingless pads
4) Sew mommy pads and winged pads from patterns
5) Write post about making pads
6) Find a good deal on some plain white onesies, possibly at consignment sale
7) Tie-dye said onesies
8) Make Suzi's play kitchen
9) Finish sanding Suzi's block set
10) Get the dining room cleaned out
11) Do a second giveaway on my blog
12) Set a schedule for monthly giveaways
13) Figure out how to publicize giveaways
14) Learn three new recipes
15) Make tutus
16) Take Suzi's picture wearing tutu and BabyLegs
17) Do a post on tutus and BabyLegs
18) Start walking regularly with Suzi
19) Break in my running shoes (by walking, I mean!)
20) Make Suzi's handprint (with a kit we have)

Jordan will help with some of these, by actually doing them with me or just by watching Suzi for me. Some of this stuff may have to wait until October, but I think it's doable in September if I turn the TV off and chip away at it a little each day.

Consignment sale today! Woo-hoo!!!


Beth said...

That sounds like quite a list of chores! I thought I was doing good yesterday to get some weeding done (which I HATE!) I love Suzi's tie-dye shirt and blanket, I can't wait to see how your onesies turn out!

Cheryl Lage said...

Looks like you have an impressive itinerary! :) Good luck with the handprint...I tried so hard, but our twosome was hooked on squeezing the clay-like solution!

(Always jealous when folks manage to do it...I'll be Suzi will be a champ with it!)

GrandmaKathleen said...

What a chore list but I commend you for making the list and good luck completing as many items as you can before forwarding them to October. BTW enjoy the Consignment event.

Zip n Tizzy said...

You are an ambitious mama!
But I get it...on my to do list, is to write my to do list!