Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stand back, I can make slings now!

I just made my first two baby slings! The possibilities are endless; I keep thinking of all the fabric I have stored away which can now fulfill its destiny. I used these directions from and love the way my sling turned out, even though my fabric wasn't quite 45" wide. I am used to a hotsling, so it didn't bother me that my sling was a little shallower. I thought I'd take some pictures and add in my two cents here.

1) I measured from my shoulder to my hip and got 23". Double that was 46, plus 6 was 52". As luck would have it, that was the exact length of my fabric! It was a remnant (my favorite way to buy). Stacie's instructions said a 45" wide piece of fabric could make two slings, but I made two slings even though my fabric was several inches short of that. I just grabbed the nearest available piece of already washed fabric since I didn't want to wait.

2) When hemming the two long edges, I folded it over twice so no edges were hanging out. It made it look nicer. That is probably obvious to all you sewing ladies.

3) I folded the fabric in half, wrong sides together, so the raw edges met. Then I folded it in half again and drew a line where I wanted to cut my "smiley face." The directions say you should end up about 2-3 inches above where you started.

4) My smiley face was a little pointy, but I fixed it after unfolding.

5) I sewed the smiley edge together...

6) Then I learned how to do a French seam! (I'd never heard of it until now.)

7) Then I sewed down where the hems met the seam, and on my first one I even reinforced that with a little zigzagging over the crack. Now I realize that was overkill.

I am just in awe of how simple this was. I didn't even make a mistake! Go here for the full directions and her diagrams. Thanks Stacie!


Beth said...

I'm not a great sewer but this looks easy enough that I might just be able to do it! I might have to run to the $1 table at Walmart and give it a try (so it won't matter if I mess it up!)

Vicky said...

Cool. It looks great! You'll have to bring it in and let me see it.

Kelly said...

Thats so cool. You could make some for the store! You definitely need to bring it in and let us look at it! Good job!

Emily said...

That's awesome! The possibilities are endless. What a great idea for an inexpensive baby-shower gift! It would be easy to personalize it, too (monogram, etc). Now, I want to see a Clemson sling! You know the fabric is out there :0)

Jenny said...

Oh gosh! I hadn't thought of doing a Clemson sling. I could make an orange one for Jordy...

IA said...

That is one great accomplishment :D
I always envy people who can sew...wish I can find an opportunity to learn. Then I can make slings like yours for my next baby too!

GrandmaKathleen said...

Jenny you are so talented. what a terrific sling you created and you made it seem easy to do, but for a non sewing person it seems so complicated, I would definitely need to have help.
I got lost with your #3 "folded it in half again and drew a line where I wanted to cut my "smiley face."
You and Suzi are so photogenic. Lovely Mommy and Daughter image portraying so much love.
And your fabric is so beautiful. I love butterflies.

Julie said...

Nice job, Jenny! I'm impressed.


mhgood said...

Wow! I gotta get me a sewing machine (and learn to use it). That looks so easy!