Sunday, September 7, 2008

End of round one; I win

Today we went to pick up our unsold items and our check from the consignment sale. It's over, and I'd be sad if there weren't an Anderson sale September 16-20. Among my favorite finds are...

A Cabbage Patch Kid preemie, $3.00. Suzi's eyes lit up when she saw her new "bay." She loves babies, just like I did when I was a little girl. I did throw away the lame bottle that came with the doll, though. As we all know, breast is best--especially for a preemie!

Lots of cute clothes in my favorite brands: BabyGap, Old Navy, Children's Place, and (sometimes, when it's not too dorky) OshKosh.

Suzi especially likes her blue Children's Place "yoga set." I wanted to try it on her to see if it would fit, and as I expected, it was a little big. When I undressed her and tried to find another outfit, Suzi started to cry and threw the yoga set in my lap to put back on her. Then she was happy again. Silly girl. You can't tell her anything.

I found an adorable little hat and mitten set. Suzi loves these already!

We had previously been making Suzi a naptime pallet on the floor using a couple of blankets. (At night she sleeps in our bed, but she can't be left up there alone.) Now we have this lovely sheep mat, which I got on half-price day for $7.50.

I spent $135.89 at the regular sale and $34.24 on half-price day for a total of $170.13. I do not plan on spending half that much at the Anderson sale. We do have a few things that didn't sell which I am going to mark down a buck or two and try to sell again, though. At the Clemson sale I made $181.20, so I got all new stuff for Suzi, decluttered, and made $11.07! I am happy and so thankful for Kim and her family who created this wonderful thing.


Vicky said...

I actually think I will try and get rid of some of boy's stuff. I plan on working on it this week. Thanks!

Kelly said...

Suzi always takes the cutest pictures! I love her yoga outfit (I do yoga myself) and her little hat with the mittens! Very chic! ;)