Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Zoops

Recently, while browsing Hathor the Cowgoddess, I came across this little movie. What a creative way to help people understand the politics behind breastfeeding and the challenges nursing moms face! It reminds me of the baby fair several months ago, where a group of Squeemers set up their table and distributed piles of stinky zoopoopacoobs to unsuspecting mothers-to-be right under our noses!

I haven't been reading Hathor's comics very long. I stumbled upon her site a couple of months ago, and since then I've appreciated her unique take on mothers' issues. Recently, though, she's decided to unmask Hathor and just be Mama at her new site, Mama Is. I can't wait to see what she does with the new site. You should check it out, and then go back and see some of her old cartoons. There are plenty of them.

But seriously, watch the video. If you are a lactivist, you'll love it. Or if you like Dr. Seuss. Or if you're really into allegory.


Melissa said...

Love reading your blog! Wanted you to know i tagged you in my blog. Us deep thinking mom's have to stick together. Love the post on the butterfly, too funny!