Friday, August 22, 2008

The very angry butterfly

Yay for the afternoon nap! (The reason you are seeing these pictures.)

The other night we took Suzi for a little walk up the street just after sunset, when it wasn't quite dark yet. We hoped she'd burn off a little energy and perhaps zonk out at 9:30 or so instead of after 11:00. And, you know, of course we wanted to spend some quality time together as a family and whatnot.

She enjoyed making her little shoes squeak.

"Ooh, that's a good rock right there. Glad I found that one."

Unfortunately, Lady Di (a sweet neighborhood cat who has made friends with us) started following us home. Suzi squealed with glee and tried to grab the kitty with both arms. We were afraid one or both of them was going to go home crying, so we had to carry Suzi home. Kicking and screaming. For fun and to distract her, we each held one of Suzi's hands as we walked and swung her through the air between steps. Wheeeee! It was too hard to get a picture of that. Sorry.

Daddy loves to fry his own potatoes, and Suzi and I love it too. They make storebought potato chips taste like cardboard.

Remember that apron from my yard sale finds? Well, Suzi decided immediately that she liked to wear it. She's so short I have to tie it practically in her armpits (it slips down) and facing the wrong way so she won't trip on the tail. She wears it a lot. I haven't even gotten to use it!

Here she is playing in her toy box a week or two ago. It is now full of toys, but some of those are going to the consignment sale, at which time she will have use of it again.

Remember that butterfly costume I bought last fall? (You probably don't. I don't think I had more than three readers at that time.) Well anyway, I pulled it out and made her try it on to see if it'd fit this Halloween, since Suzi turned out to be petite and the costume runs big. Oh dear.

She hated it.

Really, really hated it.

So I had a little chuckle at her expense, took a couple of pictures, and then quit being a jerk and got her out of it. We'll be selling it at the consignment sale. Lesson learned: She's grown out of head-encasing, bodysuit-type costumes. I don't know what we'll dress her up as this year. Maybe a witch, because BabyLegs just came out with a cute pattern which would lend itself to that perfectly. I'd love to try and make at least part of her costume. We will definitely be dressing her up, though. It was just too much fun last year.


Kelly said...

Aww..she looks so cute in her lil' butterfly costume. Even though she is fussing, it's so adorable! HEhe...

GrandmaKathleen said...

Suzi is so cute and even though she did not want to me in the butterfly costume, she did look stunning.

BTW, I sure wish we had a consignment event in RI as you have in SC I love bargains.
I hope you have a very profitable day both selling and buying.

Vicky said...

HAHAHAHa the things we do to our kids at Halloween! I am excited to think what the boys will be this year. Don't know yet! By next Halloween Suzi may like hats again. How about a fairy or ballerina? You make pretty Tutu's!

Theresa said...

I loved seeing all the pics of suzi!! how cute!