Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tagged: Six things you may not know

I was tagged by Melissa at Living In A Peace Of The Puzzle to share six things people may not know about me. Here they are:

1) I love winning things and I am lucky, although not quite as lucky as some people. (I really am happy for you, Vicky. And I'm serious about the lottery pool. Call me!) In the past month I've won at least four or five things on blogs, and it makes me happy. While we're on the subject, visit the Redheaded Lefty's blog and enter to win a pair of girly Robeez! They make the best baby shoes. I am always finding contests to enter, but I also like to give stuff away. I've been putting my own contest off, because I guess I'm afraid no one will enter?

2) I used to love shining shoes. It's rarely necessary anymore, though.

3) In college I wrote several short stories I liked, and I never tried to get them published. They were well-received by my fiction workshop classes, and those people don't generally sugar-coat their opinions. One day I'll get around to submitting them somewhere.

4) There are a few words and phrases I refuse to say, such as the name of this dish at IHOP, because they sound stupid. I can't remember them all right now, but I have to be careful to get around saying them when they come up in conversation. Jordan keeps nagging me to say them but I refuse.

5) I'm a grammatical error snob. It's especially bad when I'm reading an opinion piece and disagree with it. If there are typos or misspellings, they detract from the writer's credibility in my mind. I try to ignore them, but I just can't. I proofread my own writing obsessively and hate it when a mistake slips through the cracks.

6) I might have OCD. It would explain a lot.

I think I'll tag Vicky, Kelly, Emily, and Kathleen. If anyone else wants to do it, I'd love to see your answers! Just leave a link in the comments. (And if any of you ladies I tagged don't want to do it I'll understand!)


Cheryl Lage said...

Omigosh, I am HOWLING at your desire to never utter the "R, T, F and F" at iHop! My husband uses that li'l title to describe all things farty and/or effeminate. (Totally PC-incorrect, but he used to do's his way! ;) )

Please have mercy on my frequently grammar-impaired blog...which I am so happy you visit! (I love coming here!)

Happy new week!

Vicky said...

Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity!!! LOL Now I know how to torture you. Kelly and I will hold you down and start saying that phrase to you! Too Funny! I will do this tag soon. Ain't my grammar and spelling terrible....why do you think I get you to proof read my important things?? ;)

Rissa said...

Aah that's so funny - when we were frequent visitors at Denny's, I was seriously disturbed by the dish "Moons Over My Hammy." I still hate it! I can't believe I even allowed myself to type it! :)