Friday, April 25, 2008

A somewhat pessimistic post

1) Monday morning I woke up with the 24-hour stomach bug, and it was awwwwwful. I missed two days of work. Jordan was feeling a little sick tonight and went to bed early. I am praying he doesn't wake up with it. That would make for a lovely weekend! Suzi shouldn't get it because I breastfed her (the best I could) while I had it. And I really am thankful for that.

2) I was watching Bringing Home Baby today and the mom was having zero problems breastfeeding, as far as I could tell. The baby was latching on and all. She gave him formula because he had a touch of jaundice she wanted to get rid of. Hello, have you ever heard of letting the baby get a little sunlight? I think she was only supplementing, but it didn't bode well for longevity. It doesn't bother me (much) when a mother comes up with her own reason not to breastfeed; what bothers me is when her doctor, friends, or family feed her some line about why not to do it and she is so desperate to be a good mother she believes it. Fortunately I work where I do and occasionally have the distinct pleasure of debunking a little of the bull. Playing on a mother's insecurities by telling her the baby "isn't getting enough" or "is weaning himself early" is wrong.

3) My name is Jenny Harmon and I had a Wal-Mart problem. But it's been a month since I've set foot in the place and it was easy! You should try it. There actually are other places you can get most everything, and you can even wait until daybreak to do it (Jordan and I were once in the habit of going in the middle of the night, for fun; Suzi nipped that in the bud). Now they are coming up with friendly image commercials (apparently they're helping the environment and the whole nine yards). But one of my favorite local bookstores is closing permanently and I still contend it could be partially due to area superstores, as many closings are.

Next time there will be pictures and happier topics. Good night!


Theresa said...

favorite local bookstore closing permanently?? which one???