Saturday, November 24, 2007

Here comes Santa Claus

Jordan and I did a little shopping yesterday. It was my first time shopping on Black Friday. We dropped the baby off at Grandma's around 4 and went to Central Wal-Mart. It was unsettling to say the least and I'm not sure I'll be going back next year. People camped out for hours in front of the wrapped-up pallet of what they wanted, and if someone else came up at 4:55 trying to get a closer look they gave them an icy glare and blocked the way with an empty shopping cart. Jordan was waiting by the DVD's in the back (where most of them men were), and I was in the front near the clothes and stuff. I'd rather be standing in line with men because while men can usually keep these things in perspective, women will just trample each other beneath a sheer veil of fakey smiles and 'excuse me's.'

We did manage to get our hands on a few good deals. We ended up with about 10 DVD's that cost practically nothing, and I got a lavender Wal-Mart jacket which I will wear proudly. Then we got Suzi a Gobble & Go Hippo which is a walking toy that doubles as a ride-on. It also eats the blocks you throw down in front of it. I got her some Disney princess pajamas that are 12m but she can grow into them, and also some Legos which she may get for her birthday in May because they're too old for her now but were a good deal. We didn't go anywhere else because (our wallet and) I just couldn't take the stress. It is ugly out there.

This morning while we were hanging out in bed, Jordan and I asked Suzi what she wanted for Christmas (just in case it was something we hadn't already bought). It sounded like she said "gwoo an a boonga," but she's too young for glue and it turns out boonga is a strange arcade game that involves poking unsuspecting victims in the butt ( Anyway, I think she will be pleasantly surprised, if not overwhelmed, at the vast array of toys we've selected for her. So add to the list:

Learn-Around Playground by Leapfrog
Pink Chatter Phone
Gobble & Go Hippo
Disney Princess pj's
Piggy bath towel

We're DONE shopping now. Really.