Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Belly Tunes

I've had a nagging urge to blog about music I played for Suzi and me when I was pregnant. Hearing a song from a certain time takes me back to that time, and this music takes me back to the happiest chapter of my life!

First Trimester (Jordan, PULL OVER, I'm going to be sick!)
"Dixieland Delight" - Alabama
"I'm in a Hurry and Don't Know Why" - Alabama
"Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" - KT Tunstall
"Zombie Nation" - Kernkraft 400 (Clemson football)

Second Trimester (Look at that baby dance!)
"Golden Slumbers" - Happy Feet Soundtrack
"Under African Skies" - Paul Simon
"100 Years to Live" - Five for Fighting
Theme from Rocky (Jordan's pick)

Second Trimester (continued; IT'S A GIRL!)
"Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" - Paul Simon
"Daughters" - John Mayer
"In My Daughter's Eyes" - Martina McBride

Third Trimester (HUGE flip-floppin belly)
"Baby Mine" - Alison Krauss
"Hallelujah" - Rufus Wainwright

The Forty-First Week (Suzi... everyone is waiting...)
"Impossible" - TMBG
"Robot Parade" - TMBG
"Sleepwalkers" - TMBG

"Whiskey Lullaby" - Alison Krauss
(and no I didn't get drunk and sing to Suzi)
"Pump It" - Black Eyed Peas

What songs do you all remember from your pregnancies?


Jules said...

I have powerful memories of pregnancy and birth whenever I hear Enter the Worship Circle's 1st and 2nd circle music. It was my birth music and it always takes me back. For whatever reason, breastfeeding was easier when Cat Stevens accompanied. And, sadly, Jerry Garcia's Not For Kids Only bluegrass, always takes me back to the postpartum depression anxiety. Pooh. (I love Whiskey Lullaby!)

Vicky said...

Hmmmm...lets see! I remember listening to Jim Brickman a lot while pregnant with both of the boys. Particularly the songs Hush lil Baby, Love of my Life, and Destiny. I also listened to that Shania Twain 2 set CD that had a country version and a pop version to all of her songs. Funny thing is that I really don't remember any of them on that CD. There was one song I remembered after Nolan was born we would listen to all the time. The artist was Hoobastank and the song The Reason. They sounded like they whined the melody like a baby whines. It was actually Nolan's song....he would always whine with that song. LOL Both boys loved Irish Eyes A Smilin. I also sang them a little song I made up and to this day it calms them down. Nolan will sing it with me now.

AdventureDad said...

I'm horrible with music, would you believe I don't know the text to a single song? Anyway, my son loved UB 40 and also that one reggae song by Inner Cirle. We would play that song "Sweat" every time he napped and slept. We kind of got sick of it after 6 months....

Belly tunes, we listened to the same selection as always with a little more emphases on calmer songs.,