Saturday, July 30, 2011

Richard, a boy lovey doll for Robert

Robert has hardly any toys, and some of the ones he has have been commandeered by his sisters. I wanted to make him a sweet, simple little lovey doll. Making this little doll also satisfied my need to create.

Most people don't make a point of giving their little boys dolls--if they let them play with them at all. But when my Uncle Rob (dad's brother) was a little boy he had a baby doll named Richard. There are pictures of him playing with and loving Richard. I thought it was so sweet. So that is how he got his name.

I strongly believe in boys having baby dolls, just as girls should have toy tool boxes and cars and building blocks. No one is all girl or all boy. We all have some combination of "male" traits and "female" traits. As you probably know, the male and female hormones are not even exclusive to each sex. Boys do have a nurturing instinct and a need to express that through play. This is why, though I could have made this an all-blue doll, I decided to use pink and red.

He is made of soft cashmere (upcycled sweaters) with a wooden head, and his hat, which is attached at the back of the neck, can be pulled on or off his head. He seems to like Richard. He will grab his knotted hands and feet if I hand the doll to him and sometimes I find them damp from being chewed.

People used to come into Jennie G's boutique when I worked there and buy two or three "loveys" for their child because the original favorite toy had gotten lost. Those things cost about $10 each and are frequently discontinued, so I think if you can make a lovey instead it's a good idea. All the materials for Richard only totaled about $2, and I could easily replicate him if I needed to.


Jenn said...

I love this post! And wholeheartedly agree. Very few things are more 'masculine' than a father expressing warmth and affection to their children. This is probably my favorite trait that my husband has!

Jamie said...

So cute! My almost 3 yo has a doll- it's one of mine from when I was little. He says that he is her daddy and likes to do all sorts of things with her. Very good to see!

Jamie said...

Forgot to add... he tried to feed her using the breast friend pillow the other night! I was kind of a proud mama!

Owens Villa said...

And I thought I bellying silly letting Ethan have an amber necklace. I'd like to know how you made the lovey...I'd love to make one for Ethan, you know when I get time and all.