Monday, July 4, 2011

Things I've made in the past couple months, plus crafty plans

Happy 4th of July! Jordan has the day off. I hope you and your family are having a good day, too!

I already posted about my cocoons, but just wanted to update. They fit great!

My mom baked it, I decorated it.

Also for Suzi's birthday. We didn't break it, so we still have it.

Father's Day gift. The button is a magnet for holding a photo or list and says "We (heart) Paw."

I still haven't quite perfected this sunhat I've been working on.

Tie dyes never look quite so pretty as when you first untie them.

Sweater gnome for Suzi

A wool diaper cover for Robert. Need to develop a better pattern. And also figure out a better method of dyeing wool.

Simple baby dress for a little friend's birthday

To-craft list:

at least 4 more of those baby dresses
a similar dress in my size (already half done!)
pocket babies and small wool/wooden dolls (to sell, maybe)
a better sunhat
more diaper covers for Robert
birthing time flax seed heat packs
a bunting decoration kinda like this

Possibilities for future Hippie Handicrafts meetings:

wire bird nests
wire trees of life
sweater flowers
singed-edges flowers
lentil balloon balls
sweater arm warmers
sweater hats for kids
freestyle sweater stuffed animals
fairy doors?
gnome houses, maybe?
polymer clay mama ornaments?
whatever anyone else thinks of and wants to lead!

Also, I want to do a tie-dye party before the summer is over but that will require some extra people for child-watching. Hard to chase after a little one when you have a limited amount of time to use up dye and you're wearing dye-drippy rubber gloves! I also want to do some Hippie Handicrafts for the kids. Maybe I will ask if Megan can lead the little ones in a craft, because we all know that's not my strong point!


Scott said...
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Rebecca said...

Love the picture of your sweet baby in his cocoon. He's so adorable!