Sunday, January 24, 2010

Was it YOU?

Unrelated pics of Suzi holding Ivey

Sunday morning. We are lounging around being lazy, procrastinating getting ready for church and Grandma's house. I am sneaking candy sitting behind the laptop so Suzi won't beg me for handfuls of it. Jordan is lying on the couch holding Ivey up on his belly and Suzi climbs up to sit on his shoulder.

Ivey poops her diaper, audibly. There is no mistaking that wet, squirty sound. Jordan asks me sadly, "Did you hear that?"

"Yep," Suzi answers him. "Was it you?"

Jordan laughs in his hoarse voice (because he is the last of us to get the bad cold).

"Can I sit in that chair?" Suzi asks.

"That's not a chair," Jordan explains. "It's my legs covered with a blanket."

"It's a 'tend chair!" Suzi says, and plunks down on her dad's legs.

Then she has to pee and scurries off to the bathroom. I follow her and Jordan changes Ivey's diaper. And we are all up and running in different directions.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely snapshot of a morning. :)

balujan26 said...

Wow! great photography, nice pictures. Thanks for share.