Sunday, January 10, 2010

December: the pictures I meant to share, but didn't

I really meant to blog about these sooner. Oh well, here they are now...

Me, Jordan and Ivey at a local Christmas parade December 1st. Jordan didn't just stuff Ivey into his jacket; she is in the Storchenwiege wrap.

But it kind of looked like he just stuffed her in his jacket.

Suzi was so excited to see Santa ride by!

Suzi and Grandpa.

Our tree through a pair of those holiday lights glasses. I wanted to see if the "noel" image would show up in a photo, and it did. You may have to enlarge the pic to see.

Jordan enjoying the view.

Suzi napping December 19th with one of her favorite Christmas toys. It's an ornament I got in a kid's meal years ago. She found it in my parents' ornament box while they were decorating their tree and loves it. "DA GWINCH!!!" She took the thing everywhere we went for about a month. It's still out because I didn't have the heart to take it away from her when the season ended.

Christmas Eve, after Suzi had opened all her toys, she decided to put the Mr. Potato Head parts on herself.

There are more pictures from Christmas that I'd like to share, but they're on my mom's camera. Maybe later.


Hobo Mama said...

Cute pictures! Looks like a happy December.

Mikko keeps wearing his Mr Potato Head glasses, too! They make them a little wider...

Amber said...

All of our potato head parts end up on our daughter, too. In fact, now that my son is a toddler they end up on him as well. It really is quite charming, in its way.

Mrs. Money said...

Your kids are TOO CUTE!