Friday, January 8, 2010

Raising little geeklings since 2007

Jordan works on a computer he is assembling for someone while wearing Ivey in the Ergo

We are now on the downhill portion of the cold, or at least the girls are. For some reason we all started at different times, and Jordan was the last to get it. Today before he went back to work I told him he should try the trick my mom told me about, in which you rub Vicks on the bottoms of your feet and then put socks on to stop your coughing and clear your sinuses. He said it'd be interesting to just put it on one foot and see if it cleared only the corresponding nostril.

This cold has really zapped our productivity for the past week. Here's what's been going on, in a list since I haven't posted in so long:

1) Ivey has stopped sleeping through the night. She used to go from about 10 or 11 to five in the morning, and she slept next to our bed in the cosleeper, which we prefer because we sleep better. Now we can barely put her down (see above photo). She sleeps in our bed and wakes up 3-4 times to nurse. On the bright side, as long as she is doing this it will most likely keep my period (and fertility) at bay. It seems like a habit is forming and I doubt it'll just change right back once her lingering cold symptoms are gone.

2) I just went to the optometrist and got glasses, and they seemed like a good idea at the time but now I am worried. I think they are too big and make me look like a dork, and not in a good way. I could do a separate post on this; it's that complicated of an issue. I would put a picture on here and ask what you thought but I'm afraid to. Jordan says I just need to own them. Well I do own them and that is the problem. I can't get another pair covered by insurance for two years. At least I prefer contacts and was planning to get some anyway.

3) Suzi is watching Annie. I love watching it with her, because it was one of my favorites as a child. My brothers (who were about 20 at the time) say I used to make them watch it with me. The thing is, my parents taped it off TV for me and I once hit the record button messing around with the VCR and taped over some of it. I was heartbroken. When we bought the DVD recently there were parts of it I didn't know existed, and it didn't roll and have snow like the one I used to watch. It was kind of exciting.

4) We took the decorations off our tree but the tree itself is still standing there, unlit. I really want to get it moved but I am hoping Jordan will do it. We took the ornaments off while Suzi was at my parents' house and she came home and said "Mama, they took the dec'rations off the treeeeee!" It was like she thought someone had stolen them. I had to explain it to her, poor thing.

5) Yesterday, Ivey officially rolled from back to front. I'm sure she would've done it sooner, but she hasn't had much floor time because we've been afraid Suzi might trip over her. Yesterday afternoon during Suzi's nap (after getting frustrated and crying a little) she did it. The challenge was getting her lower arm out of the way; she had been rolling from front to side for a long time! Next she wants to learn to sit up. She gets so angry sometimes in her bouncy seat because she doesn't want to lean back. I will be happy when she learns to sit up, because it'll make it more fun for her to play with her toys in the floor.

I'm hoping we will be cold-free and have things back to normal around here soon. I am not used to this at all! I can't even imagine how it must feel to be the mother of a child with a serious, life-threatening illness. I know I am spoiled, getting this upset over a simple cold...


Hobo Mama said...

I had the same thing with Annie! We had the TV version taped, and there were all these extra songs they'd cut out.

I also had the Broadway cast recording on audio tape, and I made my parents play it in the car on every trip. It was always a fight between my older brother and me whether he would win and get to hear the radio or I would and get to sing along to "Tomorrow" in my squeaky little voice. Eventually the tape just completely gave out and started making this awful squeeee sound when played. That's how much I loved that thing — to death!