Friday, December 18, 2009

Our fifth

The only picture from our wedding I have on this computer

Today was our fifth wedding anniversary. Right now five years ago, Jordan and I were leaving our reception. Our friends and family waved goodbye from the front porch of our venue, and then laughed when Jordan dutifully stopped at a stop sign five or so yards from where our car was parked. We drove to the tiny, I mean cozy apartment we would share and Jordan had cleaned it earlier that day so it would be nice when we got back. We drove to Atlanta to spend the night, and we stopped for McDonald's Happy Meals on the way because we got hungry. I still have those happy meal toys somewhere. We took a shower at the hotel in Atlanta and I started crying when I realized I'd left my deodorant at home. I freak out if I take a shower and don't have any deodorant. Jordan went down to the front desk and asked, can I please have some complimentary deodorant? For my wife? If you'll notice how young he looks in the picture, you'll see why we got some strange looks. We still do when people see us with our two kids.

Ah, 20-year-old Jenny. There are so many things I could tell her. To spend less money and more time, to complain less and forgive more, to realize that she is really skinny and enjoy it because it won't last much longer. And then of course, you're going to have a daughter in a couple of years! Try home birth. It's not crazy, you'll like it! Don't get me started on that. We both had a lot to learn and still do. I guess I should just be happy we are figuring it out now, year by year. I wonder what we'll be thinking when we've been married ten years...


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

And I'm with you on appreciating the thin-ness. If only I had known.

Kristin said...

I like what you said about figuring things out now. Isn't it wondeful that we are always learning? It's not like we reach a point and stop. We continue to learn and grow and stretch and discover...and it is a blessing to do it all with a man you love!

Happy anniversary!

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary!