Thursday, December 31, 2009

We've got the snot

Everyone here is sleeping right now, but me.

We are all home in our pajamas enjoying the crappiest Christmas gift ever: a feverish cough, cold and congestion. (Unfortunately non-returnable.) It was a surprise gift, hitting us suddenly rather than coming on gradually the way some colds do. Suzi and I even had friends over yesterday and now I feel like a jerk, but I honestly didn't know it would turn into this. Suzi was feeling awful last night with a fever reaching 103 or so, which did thankfully come down, and a barky cough. Ivey hasn't had much of a fever at all, but she's got the cough and snot going on and whenever we put her down she fusses to be held again. Jordan and I don't quite have it yet but we can feel it coming on and figure it can't be long. I am just thankful this is happening now and not during Christmas.

I don't have much experience with sick kids, so I wondered what to do and when to call the doctor (we haven't so far, which is okay according to Dr. Sears). I'd rather leave the doctor out of it if possible to avoid scaring Suzi, taking the girls out in the cold and exposing them to more and possibly worse illness in the waiting room. I called Grandma instead last night and she came over and held Suzi for hours. We've got the cool-mist humidifier going and it seems to have helped. It was such a relief when Suzi woke up smiling this morning and not crying.

So now Suzi is napping on the couch and Jordan and Ivey are napping on the new beanbag on our new rug. I would probably be asleep too, but it isn't the safest cosleeping setup for Ivey so I am keeping an eye on them. Ivey will probably be awakened shortly by some snot and then it will be time to nurse her again. Poor thing. I wish I could still nurse Suzi. It was stupid to let her wean. There's my first New Year's resolution: Keep nursing Ivey. All year and then some and then some.

Baby's crying. Might do a review of the past decade/year post or something like that a little later. I hope everyone else is having a good New Year's Eve.


Beth said...

Elaina was sick last week...with snot, cough and congestion....Hylands makes a cough medicine that is honey based that worked's homeopathic....and a pharmacist told me that straight honey works best in the toddler age group (moreso than cough medicines)....I wouldn't let bad congestion go more than a couple of days b/c it could turn into pneumonia...but a fever 102ish or less should be fine to treat at home...hope everyone feels better soon!

Julie said...

Things must be better if you are able to blog. I'm so glad. I really appreciated Jordan calling me this morning (while you were asleep) to let me know you all survived the night. I wanted to call, but was afraid I'd wake someone. I felt terrible leaving you with two sick girls at 1:20 this morning, but I was sure you could handle it. The offer to keep Suzi so that the rest of you can sleep still stands. Yell if you need us! Happy New Year!