Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Making stuff is addictive

My favorite.

I know it seems like I can't shut up about making things out of clay, but... well, no, I can't. It's fun. The only bad part is that there are so many things I want to make but I don't have time. Here's a little of what I've added to the Etsy shop since my last post...

I figured out how to make curly hair :-)

Just to let people know it's a bad time. Especially if you don't have a lock on your door.

I have sold eight items so far, and I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has bought things and complimented my work. After my first two sales, I went and bought a little pasta machine. I used to have all kinds of trouble getting a thin enough piece of clay for making hair. I used a rolling pin, but the clay would stick to the pin and then I'd push it down and it wouldn't come off the table. It was such a waste of time! Now I just stick a piece of clay in the machine, turn the handle, and it comes out perfectly flat in seconds.

Some ideas I'd like to try, if I ever get the time:
fridge magnets
tiny mama pendants/charms
"it's a boy/girl" ornaments
"we (heart) nursing moms" sign for restaurants/businesses
babywearing ornaments
Mary breastfeeding baby Jesus (this is coming, I just need to paint it! Joseph too.)
picking up a book about polymer clay to see what I can learn

It may seem like I'm a little too excited, but it doesn't normally take a person 25 years to nail down a hobby, now does it?


Unknown said...

The curly hair is adorable. I LOVE that pumping sign. Love it!!! You are very talented, so excited to get my ornament in the mail. :)

Cave Mother said...

How exciting, to see a new business unfolding before your very eyes!

Geri said...

Very cute figures! Have you ever tried to use a garlic press for the hair? Makes it go a little faster;-)