Friday, June 5, 2009

Probably too many updates for one post

We are up early to do laundry and house-clean in preparation for our beach trip. There is so much going on right now so here is a quick update, along with some pictures of our two-year-old girl! I meant to post about it sooner, but I've been trying to spend more time with Suzi now before the baby comes in a few weeks. She doesn't care, obviously, whether or not I blog about her birthday. She just wants me to read "What's Wrong, Little Pookie" 50 times in a row. And sing Baby Beluga.

In no particular order...

1) MONEY is coming to our state, despite our governor! I am happy.

2) I am 31 weeks plus several days pregnant. Last night I had a bunch of Braxton-Hicks contractions and was almost worried, but they went away. The baby is moving a lot and making my belly into funny shapes. I have no belly button anymore. Last time I was so READY by now to be done, but this time I'm honestly not. I've still got things to do!

3) During an extreme bout of nesting last Sunday, I (with Jordan's help) completely reorganized Suzi's room. It went from being a storage area to a cute little playroom. Suzi can listen to her music (mostly Baby Beluga on repeat), color, read books, and play with dolls. Later I will be breastfeeding Ivey on the futon or letting her sit in her bouncy seat or have tummy time while big sister Suzi plays. I just love that room! It's the only one in the house that's really orderly right now. Pictures later.

4) Jordan and I finished our childbirth education classes with Caryn, who was recommended by my midwife. We learned a lot and I feel so much more prepared this time for the birth! It's appalling how clueless I actually was last time. So here is my advice if you want a natural hospital birth: DON'T take the classes the hospital offers! I will have to blog more about this later, as it can easily be its own post.

5) This is the big one... One of our friends has known for a while that she needed a kidney transplant, and we recently got the call that Jordan is a match. While we are at the beach, we are going to MUSC so he can undergo two days of rigorous testing. They want to be sure not only that his kidney will work for Vicky, but that he will continue to be healthy with only one kidney left (most donors live totally normal lives after donation). If things go well, we will probably be doing this in the fall--after Ivey's birth. Please pray that everything will work out.

6) We're going to see two of our favorite bands tonight at the ceilidh of the Greenville Highland Games. I was sort of sad we weren't going to Grandfather Mountain like last year, because it's too close to my due date, but this will be even better. There'll be less cigarette smoke. Obviously I will not be wearing my nursing bodice this year; maybe this fall.

7) We are going to the beach with Jordan's parents, and guess what? I have multiple bathing suits that fit. I really thought that at this late date my belly would be popping out of even maternity suits, but I tried them on last night and the whole thing is covered! Victory! I also have a cute cover-up that I can wear to the edge of the water and rip off right before I jump in. This is Suzi's first beach trip so we are excited to share it with her.

8) And of course, Suzi turned two May 30th! I can't believe what a big kid she is now. She pee-peed in the potty yesterday and we are hopeful that Prudence the Potty Doll and her video are going to help us get things going in the right direction. We spent her birthday with both sets of grandparents at the zoo and it was fun. She fed a giraffe and a goat, rode the carousel, and enjoyed a beautiful Winnie the Pooh cake. She blew the candles out like a pro before we'd finished singing. Happy Birthday Suzi!


Bounty said...

Love the photos and really enjoyed reading the blog. Congratulationson being 31 weeks pregnant! Do you know the sex of your baby yet? is great to search for names! Looking forward to your birth story - good luck with it all!

Theresa said...

Yay - happy birthday to Suzi!! I had her bday on my calendar, and wished her a happy day.
BTW, John only has one kidney. He had it removed when he was 9, so almost 50 years ago. He's not had any problems, except for the occasional kidney stone, and that's got nothing to do with having one kidney.
I think it's wonderful that Jordon has agreed to go through all the testing and such, I don't know that I could be as selfless!

Vicky said...

The zoo pics look fun! Suzi looks adorable. I can't wait to meet Ivey. And of course Jordan is an awesome guy!

GrandmaKathleen said...

"Happy 2nd Birthday, Suzi". She is so adorable and getting to be a little young lady, Great to hear her progress is being successful at doing potty.It will certainly make life easier when the baby arrives and she goes to potty by herself.
Enjoy your time at the beach.
I want to say THANK YOU TO YOU AND ESPECIALLY TO JORDAN FOR AGREEING TO HELP VICKY. Agreeing to do this is amazing. I do hope all the test results are favorable.