Sunday, May 24, 2009

I think she is confused

We are at that point in the pregnancy where it's a lot of fun for Jordan to talk to the baby and feel her move, which he does every day. Well, Suzi likes to do this too. Anytime she notices her daddy feeling the baby, she'll drop what she's doing to come over and take his hand off my belly and say "Noooo! Dat's my Ivey!" Heh. I tried to explain that yes, Ivey is her baby sister but she's also our daughter. All this time we were concerned about her being jealous of the baby, but it looks like she may be jealous of Jordan and me instead. Do you think she'll be disappointed after the birth when she finds out I'm the one who gets to breastfeed Ivey? Funny little girl. I'm glad she's so excited about her sister though.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

How sweet! I thought that I'd have that issue with Gray, but he was great (and I stopped nursing him not long before Ivy was born so I wasn't sure how that would go!)- still so sweet!