Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good time to buy a new car seat

A few weeks ago, Jordan and I decided that since Ivey was getting a nice new car seat, Suzi needed one too. We looked around for the best deal and ended up getting a Britax Roundabout. I wanted a Britax, but $300+ is out of our price range! The Roundabout is the least expensive model Britax makes, though, and I found it on sale at diapers.com for $179.99 (regularly it's 229.99). Then I found that we'd get free shipping on our order, and I also used a new customer coupon code (10PERCENT). That brought the total to about $162, delivered. In two days flat, I might add, and Suzi loves her new seat. Car naps have increased by more than 40% since we switched from our Graco seat to the Roundabout! (Well, something like that.)

But now I am kicking myself a little bit because on top of all that, they are now offering a $50 diapers.com gift card with the purchase of any Britax seat! If you count that, it'd bring the total paid for the seat down to only $112. (There is even one color scheme, the Bellamy, on sale for $159.99 and you could get that one for about $94. That's almost as low as a Graco convertible!) So if you are in the market for a car seat, you may want to check it out!


Marketing Mama said...

Wow - awesome find! I love diapers.com and use it all the time. You should have no problem using that $50! :)

Darcel said...

I have that exact car seat, Love it! I'm following you now :)