Monday, March 17, 2008

Upstate moms take note!

Here's what happened at the Upstate Kids Consignment Sale. This was the first time we had anything to sell since Suzi is only 9 months old.

1) We decluttered! Our house is less crowded without Suzi's rainforest swing, jumperoo, two bouncy seats, infant car seat, and a huge pile of clothes and assorted baby items. It is so cleansing to get rid of things you don't use!

2) We stocked up! Suzi is ready for spring and summer with all the clothes she could possibly need. We also got her an adorable blue dolphin swing for the backyard, some toys, and books. The half-price sale was my favorite! I got 25 items that day, and most of them were like-new clothing. It cost me $37.45. A great deal.

3) We had fun! You know how some guys like to go hunting? For me, I get what I'd imagine is a similar rush from shopping good sales. I volunteer at this sale every season for the privilege of getting in early. Then I run and grab what I want! You should've seen me when I was seven months pregnant bounding across the gym to claim Suzi's crib! It's so exciting. (I'm sure I'm not the only woman like this... Right???) Volunteering is fun too and you'll be working with other moms so you'll have lots to talk about.

4) We made money! Here's a little math problem for you. We spent $172.27 buying Suzi's new clothes, toys, and accessories. (And, I'm not gonna lie, a few things for ourselves. Jordan got a talking Yoda doll which now keeps him company at work.) We got a check for $211.45 plus $5.00 extra for referring another seller. We decluttered, got everything we needed and more, had fun, and made $44.18 doing it!

The fall sale will be in a few months, so start getting your stuff ready to sell! There are other consignment sales, but Upstate Kids is the most meticulously planned and organized one out there. Better organization = more money and great deals for you! Do me a favor and tell them Jenny Harmon sent you. If you have nothing to sell, just come and shop. You'll love it!


Julie said...

You need to send a copy of this post to Kim. I know she would appreciate it.

Vicky said...

You know I will plan on doing it. I just got to mentally "LET GO" of my boys growing up. :)

Jules said...

You know, I usually love this sale. I've gone for the last two years. But this time, the line was horrible! I waited for 15 minutes without any line movement with a restless 2 year old. We finally (and very sadly) had to put our scrumptious finds back on the rack and leave. :( I must have hit it at a very bad time.

Jenny said...

The line was bad; I waited a lot longer than that on volunteer night, but I was expecting it so it was okay. They were just getting used to their new computerized system and it takes forever to get the tags off thanks to people putting them inside bags and double-taping them. I never could've done it with Suzi, she stayed home with her daddy. When we went to the second and fourth day sales she and Jordan came so I had backup!

Cakies said...

That sounded like so much fun... and for some reason I can totally imagine you sprinting for the goods with a pregnant belly!

Beth said...

Oh Jenny...we took our first trip to Whole Foods today...I didn't even know where to was very overwhelming and I was awe struck. I will definitely have to go again....without baby in tote or the husband! We walked out empty handed but I'm sure I won't the next time!