Monday, March 24, 2008

Baby's First Easter

Before you get confused at the way Suzi's looks have changed--these top two pictures are MY first Easter in 1985! I wanted to post a picture of her daddy at his first Easter, but we couldn't find one in time. He was cute though.

Here's Suzi after church Easter Sunday:

One thing stayed the same from my pictures to hers: the basket! I didn't want to buy Suzi a cheap plastic basket for Easter. I wanted her to have a strong basket which would not splinter and would be just the right size. And I had one--my Aunt Jeanie painted it for my first Easter. It just needed a facelift. I borrowed some white paint and brushes from my mom, touched him up, and now he's ready to go for another little girl! I was happy to see something old turned new for Easter.

Suzi went to the egg hunt at church Saturday. She was a little confused; she thought, what's the beauty of finding eggs if you can't stop to chew on them and knock them together? She didn't like sitting in the grass either. (This doesn't surprise me since she's certainly never seen any grass in our yard! She probably didn't know what it was!) Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, Daddy and I all enjoyed watching her anyway. Then we walked downtown for lunch, and there was even a parade which lasted about two minutes--the perfect length for Suzi! She met the Easter Bunny. After all that excitement she settled down for a long nap in the sunshine while she rode back to the church.

"Grass isn't scary, grass is our friend!" (Jordan and his mom, Deidre)

It was my favorite Easter ever. I have more pictures of her in her Easter dress and looking at what the Easter Bunny brought her, but I'll add them later in a separate post.


Vicky said...

She is adorable! I like the pictures of you too. I thought it was Suzi at first.

Rubyellen said...

that basket is great! i am jealous... i wish i had one to pass down to the girls! suzi is so cute!!!

Beth said...

How sweet! I agree, the basket is great. It looks like you guys had a good time!

Theresa said...

Don't tell your Mom I said this, but Suzi is so cute that I almost can't wait 'til you have another one. You must have been listening when they said that a job worth doing is worth doing well!!

Theresa said...

You look just the same - just like your Dad. That child of yours looks a lot like her Daddy and her gma Julie!