Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good landscaping makes good neighbors

I've been so busy lately I haven't been able to post! Last week I was getting our items ready to sell at the Upstate Kids consignment sale, and Jordan's parents came Friday night to stay for the weekend. Jordan and his dad, Steven, spent the weekend putting up our fence. They did a beautiful job (Steven is a professional landscaper). Neighbors passing by complimented us on it--a nice change from the nastygrams we were getting when it was only partly up! We also have two maple trees which will grow fast and the leaves will turn orange in the fall. We are going to have sod soon and flowers! No more red mud.

I went to the sale last night and did $100 worth of damage. We got a fold-up stroller for when I'm trying on clothes or something and can't have Suzi in a carrier. We also got her a backyard swing, some board books, spring/summer clothes, and a few little toys. I'm hoping some of our items will sell! There were over 20,000 items total. If your kids (of any age) need anything, you should go shopping. The public sale starts this Thursday from 9 am - 7 pm but first-time moms can register and get in tonight at 8:00.

While I was waiting to get into the sale I met a lady who had a great use for old t-shirts. She cuts them into strips, sews the strips into a long rope, then crochets them into rugs. It's especially good for shirts in bright colors, and they work up fast with a big hook. She said they also make good pads to lay under pizza stones so they don't scratch your countertops. And I thought old t-shirts were only good for wiping babies' butts!

Suzi has been cruising along the furniture and loves to eat Cheerios. (See video.) We spread a bunch out on the coffee table and when she's eaten them all she holds her little hands out as if to say where'd they all go? In this video she isn't cruising yet, but now she is. It was taken a week or so ago. Yay for Cheerios! They are cheaper than Puffs.

One more thing... Here's a picture of Suzi before the Weathers family reunion on March 2nd. We had her dressed up in blue for a change! Now my blog is all caught up.


Beth said...

Ooh, I like the fence! That will be nice to have sod and some plants planted!

Vicky said...

I am Jealous!!!!! I want a fence!! LOL It looks great. I am so happy that you are getting sod, no more muddy shoes after the rain. Have a great day and see you tomorow!