Sunday, December 23, 2012

Anniversary Ornaments 2012: Doctor Who

I've mentioned before that since our anniversary is one week before Christmas, Jordan and I have a tradition of making each other an ornament as a gift each year.  Ornament quality is unimportant.  I love taking a little time in the demanding month of December to just make something fun!  Here are this year's lovingly handcrafted ornaments.

A Dalek, by Jordan.  I really just think Dalek is fun to say.  Dalek.

And the TARDIS, by me.  I made it by painting/drawing on a little wooden plaque.

One night Jordan and I decided to watch a couple of episodes of Doctor Who on Netflix.  It is now our favorite.  I know these ornaments will remind me of cuddling on the couch with Jordan after a long day, watching our show.  Once the kids are finally asleep, we can watch one or maybe two episodes before we both fall asleep.  That little window is the best time of the day!

The paint is still wet on the TARDIS and the Dalek is in the oven right now baking, but we got them done!  The festivities may now commence.  Merry Christmas, everyone!