Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My "babby" boy

Over the past few weeks, Robert has taken an interest in baby dolls.  He runs around looking for a "babby!" I am going to cry when he learns to say baby.

Right now he plays with all of Suzi and Ivey's dolls, but Santa is bringing him one of his own!  This little guy.    I can't wait to see if he likes him!  I'm thinking of making him a little baby sling to carry him in.

Over the weekend we let the girls watch the Nutcracker on TV, and Ivey wanted some ballet slippers to dance in.  When I got out Suzi's old dance bag, there were ballet and tap shoes in it.  Robert wanted to try the tap shoes.

There are certain foods Robert loves, but his sisters could take or leave.  Here he is cleaning up their lunch leftovers, having already eaten his own.  It's probably dirty rice or noodles.

Here he is playing with a wooden puzzle and giving us a little break while we homeschool.  Whew!  He just moves so fast, it's hard to keep him busy (with things that are not dangerous, destructive, or horribly messy). 

Robert will be 20 months old on Sunday--incredibly, the same age Ivey was when he was born!  His vocabulary is growing and he's started putting together short sentences.  He says "I love you" and joins in pretend-play games with his sisters.  His favorite toys are balls, babbies, and the toy kitchen where he sometimes makes me cookies and coffee, but he much prefers to spend his time getting into mischief.  He climbs into my recliner while I'm putting away laundry and types things on my computer, shakes his sippy cup into my chair, opens the craft supply cabinet to pull things out, or climbs into a dining room chair to see what interesting things he can find on the table.  When he's feeling generous he leaves all that stuff alone and just pulls an entire living room floor's worth of toys out of the bins.  I could do without all that.  It's frustrating, but I know it will subside as he gets a little older.  I love watching his sweet, funny personality unfold!