Friday, November 23, 2012

Enjoying the rest of our Thanksgiving break together

1)  Me:  I love you!
Robert:  I yuh woo!
Me:  You love me?
Robert:  Mmm hmm!

Enjoying a s'more

2)  Sweet Bob.  After at least a month of calling our dog, Dixie, he finally started saying his sisters' names a few weeks ago.  I love hearing him say Chuji and Iwee.  And if you ask him what a lion says, he does this rumbly little growl way down in his throat.  It's adorable.  His vocabulary is growing!  Here's his children's church project of what he is thankful for.  Cook-cook means anything sweet to eat, and is really pronounced "guk-guk."

3)  As I blog, I am watching The Neverending Story with the girls.  It's an old movie (made in my birth year) and I loved it when I was a kid.

4)  Jordan and I went on a wonderful date Wednesday night.  He took a half day at work, and while the girls were with my parents, we took Robert with us for a little thrift shopping and to buy a small Christmas tree.  Then we dropped him off with Grandma and Grandpa as well and went out to dinner.  Shrimp and grits with my Jordy, with no one yelling, crying, or acting out.  Then we went to see the last Twilight movie.  I love our dates so much.  My parents and Robert really wore each other out, though!  It was so sweet of them to keep all the kids, but especially him.

5)  Most of our Christmas shopping is done.  Our gifts for the kids have mostly been a mix of thrifting/fixing up and shopping on Amazon Prime.  I love Amazon Prime.  I have to admit, we were on a free trial and then forgot to cancel before it charged us the renewal fee.  I was annoyed at first, but now I am glad we forgot.  Free 2-day shipping on items that are usually cheaper than I can get them in a store, and our credit card gives us 3% rewards when we shop on Amazon.  The only thing that could possibly be better is if they magically teleported our purchases instantly into our living room.

We got Ivey this scooter and I sewed her the little velcro pouch to hold rocks and other small items

6)  We got the cutest little 4.5' Christmas tree, and put it on top of our nature table so Robert won't be able to mess with it.  It's artificial, but I like it and I think we'll enjoy it for a long time.  The girls helped me decorate it last night.  I love decorating our tree, because I get to go through all the little ornaments Jordan and I got when we got married.  Our anniversary is December 18th.  Oh, how different it felt to be childless newlyweds.  It's been almost 8 years!

7)  There are also a few sweet little ornaments Jordan and I have made for each other for those anniversaries in between.  It's become our tradition.  I'm so glad, too, that three years ago I thought to make clay handprint ornaments with the girls.  I need to do it with Robert this year!  Might try salt dough this time.

8)  Got our tickets for the Nutcracker!  It's going to be a girls' night out with Suzi, Ivey, and my mom.

9)  I am drinking coffee and feeling a little decluttery.  I love it when I get like this.  Maybe I'll go give our dining room a makeover in a minute.

Update:  Dining room done!  Cleaned off the table, took one leaf out of it (so we can walk around), moved a bunch of stuff out of the corner, and organized my craft supplies in the china hutch cabinet.  Still need to finish decorating and get some gifts wrapped to put under the tree.  But yay!  That is so much better.