Sunday, November 4, 2012

The fun we had this fall, in photos

My mother-in-law drove us down in the woods in their golf cart to find a little tree to make Suzi's Robin Hood bow with.  Jordan made it when we got home, and it's great.  I bet it really could shoot an arrow, if we had any!  

We went down to see Jordan's grandmother and family last weekend, and my grandma lives just a few minutes away but was busy all night working at her church's pumpkin patch.  So we dropped by to visit with her for a while!

Reading my favorite Halloween book to ALL the kids.  Yeah, Robert sat there for about ten seconds. 

 His name is Roscoe and Jordan inherited him from his late grandfather.  After about 20 years over his grandfather's recliner, he is now over ours.  We brought him home after our visit.

 Playing with dry ice after our Halloween party

 Going into our homeschool co-op.  See how my life has gotten a bit easier these past few months?  They all walk right in, and all I have to do is carry our stuff!

 Witchy fingers!  If you're getting any at all, buy ten per kid (plus a few for yourself and a couple to get lost under the couch)!

 "Patterson Pumpkin," named by Ivey, designed by Suzi, carved by Daddy.

We went to the Montessori School's fall festival and had a great time!  The girls spent most of their time bouncing and sliding.


While Daddy took the girls to ride the ponies, Robert and I looked at pumpkins.

Our homeschool co-op had a little Halloween Party, and Grandma came to play pickpocket lady.

 Robert got some guk-guk, which is his word for cookie, candy, or really any dessert-type item.

 This picture makes me want to pinch Ivey's cheeks.  She was just the cutest little bat!

 Jordan took the day off on Halloween.  In the morning, we went to a Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia performance of "Guess How Much I Love You."  We thought we'd take an extra-awkward family self-portrait (minus Robert, who was with my mom) while we waited for the show to start.

 Then we carved the pumpkin Mama Susie bought for us at her pumpkin patch, so he was nice and fresh for Halloween night!  I carved this one.

Everyone except for me, all dressed up!  We have Robert the cat, Daddy the wolf, Suzi as Robin Hood, and Ivey the bat.

 Fishing at the downtown trick-or-treat

Jordan says Ivey swung the pole and whacked the volunteer in the head with the clothespin.  But it looks like she caught something good! 

Since I'd lined everyone else up for face painting except for Suzi, she felt left out and I agreed to give her a mustache and beard.  She loved it.

This is the best picture I have of me as Red Riding Hood and Jordan as the wolf.  I think my mom has a better one of our whole family.  I made his hat and my cape, by the way!

Stopping for a candy break at Grandma's, but we weren't nearly done yet.

We were swimming in candy by the end of the night, especially after going around our own neighborhood.  The Great Pumpkin came to collect the extra candy and leave gifts--Littlest Pet Shop animals and a bit of money for the girls, two flashing bouncy balls for Robert.  The next day we took down all our fun decorations.  It was a good Halloween and I'm already a little excited for next year  :-)


Lauren Wayne said...

Wow, that is tons of fall fun! I love the Red Riding Hood & Wolf costumes. :)