Thursday, March 8, 2012

What we did in February (a bunch of random pictures)

Suzi drew this sweet picture of Nana and Papa's farm (Jordan's parents). She still loves drawing, especially at her new desk.

On Valentine's Day, I helped the girls make Valentines. They were quite unique.

Ivey loves to glue things!

One afternoon we were out kind of late and had to pick up a pizza for dinner. By the time we got home, Ivey had fallen asleep in the car. She walked in, put her head down on the couch and fell back asleep standing up. It was so cute, I just had to share.

The kids are playing together a lot more now and it's awesome. Sometimes the girls will even "watch" Robert for me! He loves to pull out all the toys he can reach in the living room.

Caught under Suzi's stool. He did it himself.

We visited a friend's farm with our homeschool co-op! It was beautiful. We saw the cows, our children noisily advanced, and the cows hastily retreated. Then the children had a great time running around.

It was a good excuse to use our adorable boots, since it had just rained the day before and was damp.


Suzi ran around pretending to be an elephant, among other things.

When I nurse Robert to sleep and just hold him until he wakes up instead of trying to put him down, I am rewarded with this sweet face. Aww, Mama, thanks for holding me! I love you.

I'm glad I saved a few of my childhood trolls. I keep them in a drawstring bag, and when someone is having a really rotten day I bring them out to play. The girls love them.

This is my happy geek watching Star Wars in 3D on our new TV. Fun! We are happy with the TV and the rearrangement of our living room it has allowed.

I am going to have to make a separate post just for Bobber updates! He will be 11 months old in just a couple of days!


Amber Strocel said...

Aw, so many sweet photos!