Saturday, March 17, 2012

High on running

I haven't posted much about it, but I am still running, and Jordan is too. After the New Year's Eve 5K, others in the group started talking about an upcoming 10K. 6.2 miles. I wasn't sure if I wanted to commit myself to that or not! But my awesome parents said they'd go with us to the race and keep the kids for us, so we are doing it--Jordan and I together. We've been doing some long training runs--longer than I ever thought I'd be running, anyway! Today we ran about 6.3 miles, and it took us about 1:18. It was an eventful run, especially for Jordan, who was nearly backed over by a truck and hurt his foot. I had previously been struggling with knee pain, but that is better, and Jordan has had on-and-off ankle issues. It's not perfect, and we are not fast. Our division in the 10K is near the end, in the crowd that expects to run the whole thing, but will probably take over an hour to do it.

Just running for an hour at any speed is such a monumental accomplishment for me, and I can feel myself getting stronger. I've come to a place where running is an almost comfortable state for me, and I can speed up temporarily and slow back down to recover. Finishing a six-mile run is amazing. And running is doing so many good things for me.

I looked at my legs in the mirror the other day and they are looking almost like they did in college. I can fit into my "skinny clothes," including some that haven't fit since before I got pregnant with Suzi (my firstborn). I used to get winded easily while walking up hills, and now hills are no big deal unless I am running up them. I am able to wear Robert on my back in the Ergo for hours at a time while doing housework, and I don't get tired like I used to. And, finally, after being stuck about ten pounds over my ideal weight, it is starting to come down. Our nutritional changes have had an impact on that too, I'm sure.

One of the best things ever is to run as far as you can, get all sweaty and gross, and then take a shower. I know that after we finish this 10K it'll be tempting to say "wheee! Let's train for a half marathon!" I can already feel the pull of that challenge. I don't know. I really never meant to do a 10K when I started! But I didn't realize how great it would feel to accomplish a six-mile run. I'm sure that eight miles, ten miles, thirteen would feel incredible. I definitely don't think I'll ever do a whole marathon, though.


Probably not.


Unknown said...

That's so exciting, Jenny! I'm running my first 5K race tomorrow morning, and I'm nervous with anticipation. =) Good luck to you and Jordan with the upcoming 10K!

Willow @ My Own Trail said...

I said all the same things you're saying about half and full marathons when I started running in July of 2010. I'm running my third half marathon on April 22nd, and a full marathon is my goal for next year. It's addicting. good for you!