Monday, March 5, 2012

Blue Ice Royal Blend: I thought the Amazon reviewers were wimps, but...

Robert loves goat cheese from a local farm!

We got our Blue Ice Royal Blend supplement (high vitamin butter oil/fermented cod liver oil) in the mail Saturday. I am so relieved and happy to say that both Suzi and Ivey can take it without too much of a problem! Luckily I read the Amazon reviews for advice before trying to take it. It's doable, but I have to admit I felt nauseous for a few seconds right after I swallowed it the first couple of times. So, if you are thinking of taking this supplement, here are my tips, adapted from things I read on Amazon:

1) If you can afford it, get the capsules. From what I've read you get less for your money that way but don't have to taste it. I didn't get it because I didn't want my kids to have to swallow a pill.

2) Or maybe try the cinnamon flavor. I didn't get that because Suzi is sensitive to spicy things and I thought it might burn her mouth.

3) Get yourself a glass of OJ.

4) Put a serving of chilled Royal Blend gel on the tip of a butter knife. Try to do the whole serving at once, because you aren't going to want to go back for seconds!

5) Wipe it off on the very back of your tongue, or maybe far back on the roof of your mouth.

6) Swallow quick like a pill and chug OJ until you feel better.

Today was my third day taking it and I think I am getting used to it! I'm hoping the kids will too.

The other parts of our changing relationship with food have been wonderful. On Saturday, we rode out to Milky Way Farm to get milk, butter and cream. We ordered some different types of meat from the food exchange this time, and I'm excited to learn more about cooking!