Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A second opinion

Today we took Suzi to a different dentist. It's not nearly as bad as we thought! I sent Suzi back into the waiting room with Grandma after the dentist was done looking at her teeth so I could ask a bunch of questions. All this dentist recommended was fillings, and he said it could possibly be done in just two visits. He was very nice, and I trust this dentist, having been to him before myself years ago. We made an appointment for almost two months from now, and will be getting another much better x-ray done that day. We will know at that point if all our efforts have worked to halt or even reverse the decay. But, long story short, we have time and there is no reason to panic.

The dentist recommended getting a xylitol gum, but after looking in three different stores I was unable to find one that did not also contain a little aspartame. I did eventually buy one because I needed gum now, but I won't be buying it again. Instead, I went on Amazon and bought some Epic Dental gum, which contains more xylitol than most other brands and is sugar-free and aspartame-free! And while I was ordering that I went ahead and got a copy of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

We picked up our order from CAFE today. It's awesome to have all these gorgeous eggs in our fridge, and the milk. The milk is lovely too. Jordan made pizza with swiss chard tonight, and decided to call it "chard-treuse" pizza. My cute, silly geek. It was really good. At least Suzi ate a little of the greens. It was the first time I'd ever had swiss chard and I liked it a lot. I think we are going to love being CAFE members.

While Jordan was making pizza, I realized we had all the ingredients to make this remineralizing toothpaste from Everyday Paleo. It contains xylitol and calcium. I quickly threw that together (had to crush up some calcium pills first; good opportunity to use my mortar and pestle) and the girls used it before they went to bed. No complaints! I added orange oil, so it was citrus-flavored and Suzi-approved. She is so sensitive that peppermint toothpaste feels uncomfortably hot to her. I'm going to use it tonight, and am hoping my teeth will become less sensitive. The author said hers felt better within a few weeks!

I just got a couple of chapters into Cure Tooth Decay tonight, and am hoping to read more soon. And I am tired. Time to go spend a little time with Jordan and go to bed!


Jenn said...

I'm really glad you had this done and got such great news!

Anonymous said...

My dentist recommended the same thing . check out www.carifree.com They have alot of products with xylitol. I am not sure about the aspartame though.

Amber Strocel said...

You can also buy xylitol in bulk at a lot of health food stores. Maybe an alternative to the gum?

I'm glad you got a second opinion, and that it was better. The longer you can hold off with kids, the better, I think. Every month or two they're just a little bit older, and better able to handle things.

Pierre Cardan said...

Always try to get a second opinion from another dentist. Primary diagnoses are not always accurate. And yes, xylitol gums are effective in reducing tooth decay. It is recommended that you chew a piece of xylitol gum after every meal or snack for your teeth and gums to keep healthy. By the way, Suzie is so adorable! :)