Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WW: Made so far this month

There is just something about working with construction paper and Elmer's glue.

I like to think of Wordless Wednesdays as days with less words. Kind of like the Payless shoe store. We drove by one when I was a kid and I asked my mom how they could afford to run a business giving shoes away. But it turns out you do pay, you just pay less.

I googled and figured out how to sew roses, got in a Valentine's mood, and made this bracelet.

Then I decided to have craft day and make some hearts to hang up like Megan always does. Suzi learned to cut paper hearts (and glued on some I made for her) to make Valentines. This one is for her friend Aiden because his favorite color is blue.

And she got creative and made herself a little bird beak from the scraps.

Ivey mostly made a mess, climbing up on the table and crushing her goldfish crackers (not pictured) with her fat little knees.

But she was really cute doing it. She also enjoys drawing pictures with her "cayns."

And right after it snowed we made chocolate cupcakes from a mix and frosted them with sweet whipped cream. Which the kids mostly licked off and left the cupcakes.

Working in the car and at home, I finally finished these birds for my in-laws. I added a nest and two little eggs, one for Jordan and one for his brother.

And this might be my favorite... A shrug made from a holey cashmere sweater and another red sweater I felted. Both were purchased at the Goodwill clearance center for, I don't know, a couple of bucks total. Roses are fun to make. Post of the process from this one coming soon.


Megan said...

Your hearts look really pretty. I love it because Allison also made a heart garland this year "a la Megan" and all three ours came out so different but so whimsical and sweet.

LOVE the shrug. Hopefully we can get together soon.

Megan said...
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Anonymous said...

That sweater is AWESOME. I can't wait to read more about it!

Anonymous said...

Er, today I made coffee. And I made a few messes.

Jenny, I'm just speechless at what you create.