Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why I need to hypnotize myself

I don't have long to write. My goal is to get to the store this morning, but I wanted to share what we did all day yesterday.

Suzi had been having frequent urination urges, on and off, mostly at night, for a few days. We encouraged her to drink lots of water, but that only gets you so far with a three-year-old. No fever, no pain (that she would tell us about), but those oh-so-convincing middle of the night HAFTA PEEPEES had me worried. Monday night she had five or so in half an hour and there was usually a little pee there when she went. It seemed like she must have the beginnings of a UTI. I did a little research and came to the conclusion that I didn't feel comfortable waiting it out and letting it get worse. Had it been me, I may have tried cranberry capsules and lots of water, among other things, but there was no way she would do any of that.

So we took her to the doctor, and he looked at her pee and said it looked fine except for trace amounts of blood, which could be normal--or not. And then he pointed out that, really, it was only happening at night? When she was in her own room? And I felt kind of like an idiot because I'd said no, no, my child wouldn't do that, she really does have to pee. I can tell. But the pieces started to fall together and make sense. Ivey is developing her attention-getting skills. We've been really busy lately. There's a little brother on the way. When she has to pee, we drop what we're doing and take her no matter what time it is.

And then Jordan brought up the fact that one of his kidneys is half the size of the other one and only does 5% of the work (which we discovered after he tried to donate a kidney to a friend), and his grandmother has a similar issue. That's when we got sent for a kidney ultrasound. Which she didn't like, and was expensive. The whole day was quite expensive, actually, and stressful. I hesitated to even dredge the whole thing up again by blogging about it.

But really, we are happy because the ultrasound looked okay (although we will still call our doctor to see what he says) and Suzi is probably fine. Jordan said he didn't even care about the money; after all, it comes and goes. I told him, well, mostly it goes. But you're right. So Suzi probably just needs a little more attention. It's a difficult thing to face because we really do try to do everything right. It's not like Jordan and I have tons of time to ourselves that we could be spending with our kids.

We barely have time to do our Hypnobabies, especially the ones that are best done at a time when you're unlikely to fall asleep. Ha. Ha. Ha. Either getting up at 6 AM or waiting until the kids are in bed after 8:00 at night, that is a probability. Even if you're not lying on the couch trying to hypnotize yourself. I could do the ones that don't require Jordan to read whenever he gets home from work, but we don't get much time together as it is, and anyway, I would hear intermittent screeching from downstairs.

We did finally get to do the script last night, though, and I didn't fall asleep. I think it's going to be easier for me to stay awake when it's Jordan reading and not the lady on the CD. I have to be honest, some of those phrases sounded really funny coming out of his mouth and almost made me want to giggle. But he did a great job taking it seriously and I felt a lot better afterwards. It's like I still remembered all the crap that had happened, but it helped me let it go and relax. I was absolutely right that this class is perfect for me because I get so wound up over things. It's going to be great during this pregnancy and way beyond the birth, and I'm glad we're doing it. I'd highly recommend it to other high-strung mamas.

Now I'm off to look up recipes and do a little grocery shopping. Hoping to have fun with my girls at the grocery store and then come home and cook something with Suzi. Maybe she will like that.


Anonymous said...

My own kid always seems to pee more when she's growing. Even at almost 6, you can tell she's in a serious growth spurt when, out of the blue, she starts getting up at night to pee. Or tell us she DID pee, because these things can't go unnoticed. It's like her bladder takes a while to catch up with the rest of her. Plus, she's eating and drinking more.

It may not be the case with Suzi, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

Rebecca said...


You know, my Ben has only one functional kidney, too. They believe it is because of a congenital UPJ obstruction (something compresses the ureter leading to the bladder, making the urine back-up into the kidney, which likely caused the kidney to stop functioning over time). We found out when he was 8 because, in a freak turn of events, the other kidney developed a random blockage, leading to hydronephrosis, or a kidney painfully swollen by backed-up urine. He had the opposite problem that Suzi is showing -- he never had to pee. We'd take a ten hour car ride and the child would never have to go when we'd stop!

Anyway -- what I was going to ask is if the doctor checked Suzi's urine for protein and if they checked her blood sugar. One of the profs I work with has a daughter with juvenile diabetes and she said the first symptom that really got them up and to the doctor was that she could hardly sleep at night because she had to potty so much. You might ask the doctor about it if it keeps up.

Anonymous said...

Just passing through but wanted to mention a couple things. I had a UTI turn into a nasty double kidney infection so I think it's super smart of you to get her checked out!

I'm also a Hypnobabies mom. Have you joined the yahoo group?
It's completely okay to fall asleep during scripts. I have had three Hypnobabies and could never stay awake during the scripts. But I've had three great births using my hypnosis. I would specifically put the cd on at night and when I woke up to pee I would put it on again.

If that's your only time to practice then do it so you aren't disappointed by it not working during your birthing time!
Happy birthing!

Megan said...

You're a good mommy. Dr. F is a smart man. He has been completely thorough and on target with Evie's care as I'm sure he was with Suzi's. I have every confidence that she is healthy. I'm sorry you all faced this expense as you're preparing for your home birth. It is so much better to rest assured though. You definitely made the right choice.

I'm so glad you're enjoying Hypnobabies. I could just talk about how much it helped me (and helps me still!) and how much I loved it all day and probably have to you. But, I'll just say, you have many weeks to practice and I am sure that you will become a hypno-pro!

Be patient with yourself sweet friend. Perhaps it is coming to that time where you would feel better just slowing down and focusing on yourself and the girls. Find something that you can do with them each day that will give you peace. I used to walk with Aiden at the lake and sit on that bench while he played, remember? Having that time with him helped ME when I felt guilty for bringing a new baby into his life. Maybe finding something like that that everyone enjoyed would help Suzi too.

Everything is going to be just fine. <3 Love all you girls.