Saturday, December 18, 2010

A stomach bug themed slumber party

So things have changed a lot since my last post. As soon as Ivey started getting better, I came down with it. I'm so happy it's just a stomach virus! The bad part is that Suzi caught it at the same time as I did, and she, unlike me, is vomiting. Ivey is not a dramatic puker, but Suzi takes after me and it's a major ordeal. She's actually even worse than I was when I was little. Hand over her mouth, doesn't want to go to the toilet, screaming, jumping up and down in a circle, shaking her head back and forth. Oh geez. I feel so bad for her. Right now we are letting her lie on the love seat and watch whatever movies she wants until she falls asleep.

Last night I knew we couldn't all sleep in our own beds, so I told Suzi we were going to all stay downstairs and have a slumber party. We'll all stay down here together, and watch Rudolph, and then fall asleep. Sound fun? She said yes. She's probably going to lie around and sleep on and off most of the day. I might go get back on the couch soon too. I really hope we are all better in time for Christmas, and I really hope we can finish making our gifts for people. All that may or may not happen, but at least we will all be okay in a few days. I'm still so happy about that, because for a while when Ivey was the only one sick, I wasn't sure.

Oh, and it's our anniversary today. Number six! Really, really romantic so far. Oh well. We did get our ornaments made for each other, but I haven't had a chance to take a picture of them yet. Maybe later. Merry Christmas.