Monday, April 26, 2010

We went to the beach for a wedding

We took a lot of pictures. I like to sneak out of bed early and go for a walk on the beach. I had to wait a while before it was time to take these sunrise pictures.

Then later Jordan and I went for a long walk with Ivey and took more.

We tried to rescue this ladybug from a wave.

It's fun to make sandballs on the beach, but if you throw them at somebody they hurt worse than snowballs. Ask Jordy. They feel like rocks.

One is mine, one is Jordan's. Can you tell which is which? We can share shoes.

I want to go back. Now please.


Kristin said...

What lovely pictures. Such simple beauty.

Anonymous said...

So, so gorgeous! I want to go to the beach now. But not my beach, which is lovely in a whole different way. I want to go to THAT beach.

Rebecca said...

You take great photos! Have you ever heard of flickr? You might be interested in that site.