Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When you're alone, alone in the world

A few minutes ago, Suzi was prancing wildly around the living room on her horse on a stick. Jordan and I were unfortunately forced to take the horse away after she proved unable to keep the long stick out of her baby sister's face. Eardrum-shattering fit-pitching ensued. Jordan picked Suzi up and tried to comfort her, but this only made her angrier. She shouted at him to PUT HER DOWN AND LEAVE HER ALOOONE!!! I gently asked if she might like to be alone for a little while, and she said yes. I told her if she wanted she could go up to her room (*not* as a go-to-your-room punishment; just for a chance to calm down). She agreed, hung her head, and trudged up the stairs, ruefully singing "when you're alone, alone in the wuld, when you're alone in the wuuuuld," a tune from one of our favorite Christmas specials, Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.

(And in case you were worried, she came back down the stairs, smiling again, in like 30 seconds.)


Anonymous said...

That kid has a career in theater, methinks. It sounds like she knows how to play to an audience. Adding a song to underscore her point is just perfection.

Lauren Wayne said...

What drama! I'm much impressed by her instincts to tug on your heartstrings through song. I agree with Amber — she's got a future on stage.