Sunday, March 14, 2010

New stroller! (plus my thoughts on more kids)

We (my friend Megan and I) waited. We tagged. We sat outside in line, and fortunately it was sunny and warm. Then we shopped the consignment sale, and here is one of my two favorite finds...

I'd hoped to find an inexpensive umbrella stroller, because the latch on ours broke and it's no longer safe. Instead, I found this one. It's a Joovy Caboose.

Baby sister can ride in front (it also can hold a car seat carrier, but we don't use one),

And big sister can stand on the back.

Or if she prefers, she can sit.

Sometimes she jumps off and runs around looking for rocks!

While we almost always favor baby carriers, sometimes a stroller is nice. I like taking longish walks around the neighborhood with this one. Also, trying on clothes while shopping is pretty impossible while babywearing. This stroller is way lighter and easier to fold/unfold than our old one. Our old one is a jogging stroller and we'll be selling it at the next sale.

The one other reason I'm glad to have this stroller is that I can see it being useful for three kids. No. I'm definitely not pregnant, and I have to admit I am glad. But we do want more kids, and I can envision myself pushing Ivey and Suzi in this stroller and carrying baby #3 in a wrap. Someday, you know? Am I the only mom who fantasizes this way?


Anonymous said...

I'm a babywearing mama, too, but strollers definitely have their time and place. I often use mine as a shopping cart while the baby is in a carrier. It can be hard to cart a diaper bag, a few items you want to buy AND your 9-month-old around a store. I'm glad you scored such a great one!

Mrs. Money said...

Aww!! The girls are too cute. :) I love your new stroller.

Lauren Wayne said...

Wow, that is one sweet ride! I'll tell you, Mikko would only sit. That kid has seriously inherited our laziness gene.

I'm still trying to decide if we want a #2, so I'll let you figure out the logistics of #3. :)

MaryAnne said...

I've lived your fantasy - and yes, I did think about it before my third was born =)